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Now, to reiterate what I’ve already said, the Adonis Golden Ratio is a fantastic weight loss program for men.

As well as giving you a great body and extra confidence, it can increase your life expectancy and health, because obesity has been demonstrated to shorten life expectancy many times in scientific research studies.

And in addition, the Adonis golden ratio has the capacity to make you more attractive to women.

It is highly desirable to believe that when we select a partner for a long-term relationship, The other factors that matter are personality, emotional intimacy, and good communication. But the truth of the matter is that the main factor is physical appearance — it’s what brings people together in the first place, and it’s often what keeps them together when they have established a relationship.

This is particularly true for men, although the fact of the matter is that women are also attracted to men on the basis of their looks — scientific research has demonstrated that women do eye up men’s appearance in the same way that women are eyes up by men!

So the Adonis Golden Ratio has the capacity to put you to the forefront of the queue when it comes to  finding a mate amongst the most attractive women in the room.

With health benefits, greater attractiveness to women, and greater fitness, you might wonder if there were any other benefits that the Adonis golden ratio could possibly imbue you with.

The answer, of course, is yes: it can make you look like Adonis! If you take a look at the photographs below you will see how these men change their bodies from before and after using The Adonis Golden Ratio Weight Loss and Fitness program for men.

Before and after using Adonis beforeafter2

These are truly remarkable results, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that you can see why the before picture is considerably less attractive than the after picture.

It’s not just about body shape and musculature, it’s about everything that is implied by appearance — self respect, willingness to engage in a challenging process, self motivation, and perhaps also one’s willingness to make oneself more attractive to women.

There’s no question that women find men who have taken the trouble to exercise more attractive, because they would see them as men who have determination, motivation, self-respect and self-confidence.

 But there’s another aspect to this which we shouldn’t forget — that men who are fit, who have aerobic fitness, who take the time and trouble to do a little bit of exercise in the gym, are probably better lovers.

Now I’m not saying that to be a Casanova you have to be superfit, with muscles all over your body!

What I am saying is that there’s no question that aerobic fitness allows you to sustain vigorous sexual intercourse for longer, which gives you the opportunity to take a woman to orgasm.

And feeling fit and not having excess weight means that you’re more likely to sustain an erection for as long as it takes to satisfy a woman.

These are advantages which are inescapable, and proven by science.

If you feel that you want the advantages of being fit and healthy, and attractive lover, and possibly getting into a relationship with a woman who, frankly, is more attractive than you might otherwise achieve, then the Adonis Golden Ratio is probably ideal for your situation.

If you are with woman who is also keen and enthusiastic about exercise, getting fit, building a better body, then you might want to introduce you to the counterpart of the Adonis golden ratio, also written by John Barban.

It’s called the Venus Factor For Women, and, Like the Adonis Golden Ratio, it consists of personalized nutrition plans, personalized exercise regimes, and personalized advice provided by a community of like-minded men and women, and experts on hand 24 / 7 by e-mail.

It’s rare to find such good service from an Internet program, but in the case of the Venus Factor and Adonis Golden Ratio, John Barban has put together an entire package which is devoted to serving men and women who are interested in self-improvement.

It comes highly recommended, not just because of the facilities that it offers, but also because of the fact that it provides a 24 hour helpline and a 60 day money back guarantee which should enable you to obtain a complete refund without any quibble, should you be dissatisfied.

Remember the observation that one of the major problems that men face as they get older is the loss of sexual capacity and a reduction in their sexual prowess; in particular they find it more difficult to sustain erections.

To be a greta lover you need a diet low in fat and an exercise program to keep you fit
To be a good lover you need to be fit

One of the reasons for this is the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries, so my suggestion to you is that no matter how old you are, you immediately start eating a diet that contains much lower levels of fat, especially saturated fat, in order to preserve your erectile capacity into old age.

It hardly needs to be said, that if you are fit and healthy, you stand a better chance of living longer too.


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The Pleasure of The Female Orgasm

How To Enjoy Easy Female Orgasm

What a lot of men need is a way of making a woman come easily during intercourse. Let’s face it, the facts speak for themselves: about 10% of women have never had an orgasm and only 15% regularly reach orgasm during intercourse…

woman having an orgasm man making a woman come

And the odd thing about this is that most men actually enjoy sex far more when the woman they’re with is highly aroused and having a good time… in other words, when she’s reaching orgasm.

If she comes during sex, there’s nothing to match feeling her throbbing and pulsing around you as waves of bliss sweep over her.

And if a woman has already come before intercourse starts, her vagina is much more swollen, warm, and wet, and the sensations of sex are much more intense for you.  And when she’s aroused like that, a woman enters into sex with passion, and the man enjoys a far more intense sexual experience as well…

So why aren’t men taking more time and effort to make sure that their female partners get sexual pleasure before, during or even after intercourse?

The answer seems to be that some men don’t understand how important it is to ensure a woman’s aroused before intercourse starts.

Other men just doesn’t seem to know how to give a woman pleasure during sexual intercourse, or even during foreplay.

Let’s face it guys, a perfunctory fumble with the breasts, and a quick lick of the clit just doesn’t do it!

If you’re actually going to make a woman come, you need to know how to do it skilfully, elegantly and enjoyably.

woman enjoying an orgasm

Since there’s nothing more exciting than sex with a woman who’s already got off and is eager for you to enter her and give her even more pleasure, it’s worth your while to learn the skills of giving a woman an orgasm…. of discovering how to make a woman come as powerfully as she can.

With your help, the sky’s the limit for the female orgasm.

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Sexual Pleasure For ALL!

Why women go off sex!

7. Is it possible to find cultures that clearly differ in the degree to which women manufacture vaginal versus clitoral stimulation and in which men are taught how to make a woman come?

Do they place contrasting amounts of emphasis on how much a girl is really an individual who should be in charge of her own body? Does this reflect whether she has made her climax represent ownership of her sexuality?

8. Much more has to be learned about whether clitoral-vaginal preferences are modified by sexual experience and which a woman prefers to enjoy when a man is trying to make a woman come in intercourse or foreplay.

Is there a shift toward greater vaginal preference in the average relationship as a woman has an increasing amount of experience with vaginal stimulation?

9. Another penetrating question (LOL – pun not intended – but just how does a man learn how to make a woman come?)  is whether the average woman has observed her clitoral-vaginal preference to change with different sex partners.

Can one man make any woman come while another leaves her unable to orgasm? That is, does a woman find that she is quite responsive to vaginal stimulation with one man and unresponsive with another?

If so, what attributes characterize one partner as capable of producing female orgasm while another is not? Some of the reasons are mentioned here.

Do men differ in their attitudes about the role of men in sex, how much men should have to do to make a woman come, how much they should have to know about knowing how to make a woman come, and how much they think a woman should achieve her own orgasm. Many other problems could be mentioned that are important to clarify and are in need of investigation.

We need to know more about the conditions that increase or decrease the frequency of orgasm when men are trying to make a woman come.

One wonders whether low or high sexual responsiveness shows up consistently in families over several generations, because of the culture of how men might or might not regard making a woman come as important, and what kinds of sensations and experiences does a woman selectively highlight in order to make intercourse satisfying?

Enjoy A Powerful Orgasm Every Time You Make Love

The key point that appears to confuse many men and their partners as far as the topic of delayed ejaculation is concerned, is that although orgasm and ejaculation feel like one and the same thing, these are, in fact, separate reactions. The feeling of orgasm is a cerebral event, which takes place purely as a chemical and synaptic interaction inside your head, even if it is also accompanied by pleasurable sensations throughout the body.

In direct contrast, ejaculation is a purely physical response that is induced by repetitive stimulation to the penis and sexually sensitive nerve endings elsewhere in the body. Much research is still needed to find where sexual orgasm is felt within the brain, but there have been breakthroughs about the neural pathways through which the reflex response of ejaculation is induced.

There are competing viewpoints but one conclusion is that when sexual arousal reaches a near-climactic threshold, the flow of ejaculatory fluids into the end of the your urethra builds up the pressure at the base of the penis, and this unleashes a a whole series of automatic reactions including contraction of the pubococcygeal muscle.

The autonomic nervous system is in control as far as ejaculation is concerned, while gradually heightening erotic pleasure during sex is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.

As it is, medical researchers have long been acquainted with delayed ejaculation and evolution of the name used to identify this bodily phenomenon probably mirrors in a very real sense, the scientific community’s developing understanding of this function: ejaculatory incompetence, ejaculatory over-control, retarded ejaculation, and finally delayed ejaculation.

The evolving nomenclature represents, from my point of view, a new and increasingly sympathetic attitude for the men who are having relationship issues with their partners because of their unique ejaculation patterns during sex.

What is particularly perturbing to medical professionals is that most of these men are able to ejaculate normally from masturbation. Given this fact, scientists suggest that there might be many relationship issues associated with the inability to achieve orgasm and ejaculate during sexual intercourse. However, one must exercise an ample dose of skepticism when seeking an explanation in the dynamics between a couple.

There’s strong reason to conclude that the failure to ejaculate during oral sex with a partner, intercourse with a partner, or even masturbation by a partner, merely represents the fact that there’s nothing in these activities that can compare to the higher degree of stimulation that a man may be accustomed to apply to his own organ whilst masturbating and imagining the sexual act.

It’s obvious that the body can be conditioned to get used to some unique levels of stimulation, so it’s inherently logical to initially find out whether or not the delayed ejaculation issue simply lies in the fact that the man is able to apply hard, rough, or high-frequency stroking during self stimulation, in a way that is not mirrored during sexual activity with another person.

If the cause of the problem is as simple as this, the cure will be in the form of a physical retraining of the body, the penis and the mind, to respond to much more gentle pleasuring of the kind that can bring about a climax during sexual intercourse.

In many instances, counsellors and sex therapists often take the view that the dynamics between the partners is often the cause of delayed ejaculation.

And it certainly can be. In my years of working as a therapist, I’ve come across sex partners who have become increasingly hostile to each other and have neglected intimacy to the point where a man no longer enjoys sex, and sees it as a burden, while simultaneously finding himself powerless to reach out to his partner and begin a rational conversation to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution to these difficulties.

Moreover, even without resentment, anger, or any other negative feelings on the part of the male towards the woman, there is, as some studies show, a particular kind of personality who is prone to delayed ejaculation.

According to the latest scientific publications, this individual type appears to be a person who is in some way disconnected to his own process of sexual arousal, who is generally unaware of how aroused he is during sexual intercourse, who regards sex with his partner as a duty for which he is responsible, who regards his partner’s pleasure during sexual intercourse as his own responsibility, and who believes that her pleasure must come before anything else and is the the most important part of sex. These persons generally, whether consciously or not, regard themselves as the “mighty purveyor of sex”, labouring away (sometimes to no avail) to steer the sexual intercourse to a satisfying conclusion.

It is likewise noticeable that the majority of the partners of men suffering from this anomaly are often somewhat passive in the matter of sex, and have a tacit understanding that it’s the male who is obligated to bring them sexual pleasure. The truth is, they are without a doubt responsible for their own pleasure. In instances like this, it’s clearly valuable to be able to provide tips to a couple and make available some useful sexual information. This way, their ideas and attitudes around sex and erotic pleasure can be steered closer to reality.

Finally, it is noticeable that males who have this type of subservient sexual profile generally lack awareness of their personal level of pleasure. In a very real sense, there appears to be some kind of gap, or even a void, in the sexual maturity, so that they have come to associate their own mechanism of sexual pleasure with the outside process of engaging in intercourse with a spouse or partner.

What I mean by this is that their own erotic world normally doesn’t serve as a watershed of sexual arousal and pleasure: they are marooned in a frustrating cloud of sexual confusion where they are attempting to engage in sexual intercourse without all the basic emotional and physiological tools that are necessary for the sex act to be an enjoyable and mutually satisfying experience.

Delayed Ejaculation Videos

First one is labelled as delayed ejaculation treatment on YouTube.

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Yeast Infection No More – Yeast infection Home Remedies

Yeast Infection No More- Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Heartburn No More – Acid Reflux Remedies

Heartburn No More – Acid Reflux Remedies

Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation

Definition of delayed ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation

Porn and Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

How to control premature ejaculation

Yeast Infection No More – Yeast infection Home Remedies

Yeast Infection No More- Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Heartburn No More – Acid Reflux Remedies

Heartburn No More – Acid Reflux Remedies

How To Overcome Fear Of Sex

How To Overcome Fear Of Sex

Welcome to my website. I’m a sexy, sexual woman called Maria…but it wasn’t always that way. I’ve had just about every imaginable fear about sex in my adult life. And I overcame them all!

If you want to check out the program I recommend for dealing with fear of sex, click on this link now: How To Overcome Your Fear Of Sex and Live A Full Life.

What I know for sure is that no-one has to live with a fear of sex. You can deal with the anxiety and the fear in many ways. On this website I describe what worked for me – and what I believe will work for you too.

You don’t need to look at the root cause, you can just use a powerful treatment for the symptoms of anxiety (which are often based on past fears and experiences and are no longer relevant to your life today), and some excellent therapies such as NLP and time line therapy.

I also know that the sooner you start, the sooner things will improve, even if it takes time. I whole-heartedly recommend an online program called “Change That’s Right Now”. This program, which has been used by thousands of people in the last few years is based on the latest NLP type therapies and does not require you to dive deep into your history. And it offers the option of one to one therapy, though this is not essential.

If you want to overcome your fear of sex, there’s no better place to start: How To Overcome Your Fear Of Sex and Live A Full Life
I wish you well, and do let me know how you get on!

Sex Can Get Better With Age

Suddenly, too, you realize that you are not alone in your feelings about sex, whatever they may be. The other young couples in the course are experiencing them, too. This in itself provides a large dose of preventive medicine.

This feeling of not being alone is tremendously important. It is a great discovery that most of us make at one time or another. Nothing that you feel or that has happened to you is unique. Your feelings have been felt by not one but by thousands and millions of others. Your experiences likewise have occurred in the lives of countless others. This, in itself, is a great source of reassurance and it applies to all phases of marriage.

You Cannot Know “All About Sex”. You might protest secretly to yourself, “Why should I bother to spend my time taking a course? Not only have I read about sex, but I have had sex experience. I know all about it!”

I have two answers for you in relation to this argument. A young couple just beginning sexual life has a tendency to think that successful sex experience is a matter of tricks and techniques. This is not entirely their fault. Rather it is the fault of the very books they have been consulting, which tend to over-emphasize the importance of techniques.

The great determining factor in the success of any human relationship is how you feel about the other person, not how you think you feel, but rather how you really feel. That is why groups of young couples coming together under experienced leadership to explore the future marriage relationship make such a valuable investment in time and spiritual energy.

“Of course,” you say, “I know how I feel about my partner. It’s love.”

This answer is not a final one, nor is it necessarily a good one. For it to be a good answer depends upon the kind of love you feel. There are as many ways of loving as there are people in the world.

My second answer to the young people who believe they already are well indoctrinated in sex experience is this: nobody ever knows all about sex. The most remarkable fact about sex is that it is never the same and is always new. It changes as you change and as your partner changes. And both of you are changing every minute that you live. Even if you’ve already experienced sex, a preparation-for-marriage course can be of great value in helping you relate the past and the future in a realistic way.

A marriage preparation course will help you become aware of still another fundamental concerning sex. Because many couples fear what the years will do to their sex drive, they should know that the sexual experiences of a husband and his wife in their forties, fifties and even later can be beyond any power to describe, deeper and more enthralling than in their twenties.

The reasons are numerous. In middle age, the couple already has lived and loved together for many years. They have explored on a wide frontier the beauties and satisfactions of sex.

hey have weathered many storms together. Gone is the superficiality and sham. Now, after the poses, the stresses and strains of the earlier years, there is no longer need for pretence. They feel free and at ease with each other in their sexual expression.

Furthermore, middle-aged couples have emerged from the child-bearing years. Thus, they need no longer cope with the inevitable anxieties of possible pregnancy. A woman past menopause very often feels emancipated, and many have told me, “Now I can really enjoy sex.” Significantly, the sexual drives of many women accelerate after menopause for just this reason.

Indeed, there is even sexual satisfaction in store for the elderly. We rarely see or hear anything about sexual fulfilment in persons aged sixty and beyond. Yet we know that many are physically capable and we know, too, that sex is important to many couples in the past-sixty, so-called geriatric age range.

Despite what you have been conditioned to believe, sex in this stage of life can be as vital a force for couples as it is two, three or four decades earlier.

Fear of sex can happen for many reasons

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Alan frederix

Why might people be afraid of sex, which is one of the most fundamental human drives, and potentially one of the most rewarding?I think there are many reasons, some obvious, some not quite so obvious. Most fundamentally, it’s important for a man or woman to be able to trust the opposite sex sufficiently to become as intimate as one needs to be to have sexual intercourse.

Now, of course, it’s possible to have sex without feeling any emotional connection to your partner. I’d assume that’s the basis of most transactions between clients and sex workers. For many men, this probably represents an extremely convenient way of having sex, without actually having to form any emotional relationship or risk intimacy and closeness with another person.

Lack of  Trust

And why might somebody be lacking in trust? Of course, this usually comes down to childhood experience. When somebody has been treated in a way that diminishes their trust in other people, particularly as a vulnerable child, it can be hard for them to re-establish trust later in life, and form a deep, meaningful relationship. And because sex is one of the things where we most expose ourselves to people, this can be one of the hardest things of all for people who have been abused in some way to get over.

Sex is naturally anxiety provoking. You expose yourself at a deep level to another person, and all of us have a deep fear of being judged, not unreasonably, since most of us are judged all the time, every day in life; and sex is a place where one is most vulnerable and the judgments can be harshest.

For example, despite the so-called liberation of women over the past few decades, most of us still operate to the standard whereby men are expected to take the lead and initiate during sex, and often to be responsible in some way for the woman’s pleasure as well.

Under such pressure, a man may well feel he is likely to be judged adversely for failing to measure up in some way. That might be as commonplace a  concern as penis size, it might be a concern around premature ejaculation, it might be a concern around attractiveness or ability to bring his partner to orgasm.

The problem is, in part, that these fears are never voiced openly, and communication between partners is often lacking in any kind of relationship, let alone a sexual one.

What’s ironic, too, is the fact that most women are probably just as fearful of being judged by their male partner — breast size, bodily appearance, smells, tastes, ability to please the man … all of these things, and more, represent a woman’s fears that are equivalent to the man’s fears around penis size and sexual competence.

But it is rather easier for a woman in a sexual situation to be passive and simply accept the man, who by his very nature does need to take a more active role in penetration and thrusting. For this reason, perhaps combined with the comments I made above about a lack of trust, many men will find it extremely difficult to avoid anxiety at the thought of sex, no matter how excited they are.

And here’s another problem: that very anxiety around sex and all that it implies can itself be a cause of premature ejaculation. You can see how a man might come to fear sex because his anxiety makes him ejaculate quickly. No doubt, fearing a fast ejaculation, a man may actually be so anxious that he does indeed ejaculate much more quickly, thereby compounding a vicious circle of expectation, anxiety, and outcome.

For women, anxiety can be a barrier to reaching orgasm; indeed, this is true also for men.

There’s a condition called delayed ejaculation, whereby men find it difficult or perhaps even impossible to ejaculate during sexual intercourse with their partner. Although this seems very different on the surface to premature ejaculation, I do see it as a parallel to premature ejaculation, in the sense that it’s entirely possible for anxiety to inhibit the process of becoming sexually aroused.

Ironic, perhaps, that the same emotion can cause  rapid ejaculation and delayed ejaculation, but clearly the mechanism through which anxiety manifests during sexual activity can be different in different individuals. I’d say that premature ejaculation was about three times as common as delayed ejaculation, but in a sense both conditions represent the outcome of sexual anxiety.

I’ve written extensively on methods to overcome PE or premature ejaculation; I also have some information on how to overcome delayed ejaculation. You can see a series of videos on the subject here. Links to these videos: Porn and delayed ejaculation Causes of delayed ejaculation Treatment of delayed ejaculation Definition of delayed ejaculation.

Curing Delayed Ejaculation and Overcoming Fear Of Sex

Essentially, the key for curing the condition is to alleviate anxiety and become more relaxed and confident during sexual activity.

There’s also a certain element of self-discipline required in the sense that while the temptation may be to give way to instinctual desire and reach orgasm as quickly as possible, men with PE need to exert some self restraint and actually engage with the techniques that can help them to last longer during intercourse.

These would range from vaginal acclimatization, in which the man enters his partner and remains still for as long as it takes for his excitement to lessen, to sensate focus, in which a couple engage in intimate physical connection, so that they establish a meaningful emotional connection before intercourse begins.

This seems to have the effect of making the experience more emotionally satisfying, but also somehow more stable and balanced, so that extremes of arousal are unlikely to happen, and the man may be able to last longer.