Don’t let fear of sex ruin intercourse!

If you’re having trouble controlling your ejaculation, it’s entirely possible that this may be due to the fact that you have at some level of fear of women, or a fear of sexual intercourse or a fear of intimacy.

In the past we’d have said that such problems needed deep psychotherapy to address them — but I don’t believe that’s true any longer! The reason for this is that I’ve seen many people recover from premature ejaculation by using Lloyd Lester’s Extraordinary Program, Ejaculation by Command.

This program has been designed for all men, regardless of age, regardless of sexual experience, and regardless of the emotional or physical cause of their premature ejaculation.

You see, the thing is, many of these behavioural problems can be dealt with by a kind of cognitive behavioural therapy — and nowhere is that more true than with premature ejaculation, which, whilst it often has emotional roots, can be dealt with by practical techniques, tricks, and simple tips which offer you the means to get control of your ejaculatory response.

Now this may all sound too good to be true if you’ve been struggling with premature ejaculation for a while, because PE control Is traditionally seen as very difficult — you may well know that a lot of men report on Internet forums, for example, that they find it extraordinary difficult to control their ejaculation.

Yet the simple fact of the matter is that the reason they find it difficult is because they haven’t actually been using the correct techniques!

Once a man has been educated in the simple and effective techniques of ejaculation control which cover both mind, body, spirit and emotions – as well as sexual arousal – he finds it a lot easier to deal with prematurity.

Now you can really see from the video above that there are indeed simple explanations for premature ejaculation, so you don’t need to get worried about deep, profound relationship issues that might exist between you and your partner (as far as causing this problem, anyway!).

Instead, simply turn to a practical method of solving the problem — that’s Lloyd Lester’s Ejaculation By Command. You can check it out here: and there is more detail here: PE control when you come too fast.

Lloyd is a counselor and sex therapist, and he’s been helping men with premature ejaculation for many years now — indeed, his program is pre-eminent on the Internet amongst all those available for men who wish to gain greater ejaculatory control.

Now I won’t give away the secrets that he explains in his manual, but what I will say is that these are the techniques that you would get from a professional sex therapist if you were going to see them on a one-to-one paid client basis.

And I will tell you he’s avoided all the nonsense that has been reproduced endlessly over the years – such as PC muscle control.

PC muscle control is often touted as an effective way of controlling ejaculation — the theory being that you squeeze down on your PC muscle at the moment of ejaculation, and that will stop your ejaculation taking place.

If you’ve ever tried this, you will know that this is absolutely impossible – once the ejaculatory mechanism has sprung into action, (and it’s an autonomic nervous system response which is impossible to control), simply squeezing your PC muscle will not stop ejaculation happening, but it certainly will spoil your pleasure and reduce the sensation that you feel in the moment.

There are many other cures on the Internet which are offered, in good faith or not, by people trying to make money or not, which are similarly dubious or downright irresponsible.

In that context it’s possible to mention used the use of 2 condoms, which is often touted by both amateurs and professionals alike as a way of controlling ejaculation.

Yet the simple fact of the matter is that if you wear 2 condoms,  not only will it not affect the speed with which you ejaculate, but it’s also very likely indeed to cause a condom to break — with all the consequent problems that can cause!

In other words, I think it’s fairly clear that if you’re going to try and address the problem of premature ejaculation sensibly, not only do you need good advice, but you need techniques which have been demonstrated to work in a professional setting by licenced sex therapists and counsellors.

However, one thing that I will introduce you to before I close this short article is the concept of “vaginal acclimatization”. Vaginal acclimatization is a technique which is designed to familiarize the man with the sensation of having his penis inside the vagina — because often premature ejaculation is caused by the massive excitement the man feels when he penetrates a woman.

And that’s quite understandable, because it is a highly exciting & arousing thing — but for a man whose sensitivity is high, this excitement alone can take him over the point of no return fairly quickly.

In other words, if you actually reduce your sensitivity to being inside a woman by inserting your penis and then doing nothing for several minutes, you can stop your body responding so quickly with sexual arousal to the sensations that you feel on penetration.

The way  you can actually do this is simply to insert your penis into your partner and then lie still, for several minutes just feeling the sensations of penetration and nothing else.

After several minutes there will be a distinct change in the the sensations that you’re feeling: it’s hard to describe, but you’ll certainly recognize it when you experience it, because it’s like a kind of dullness when the intensity of physical stimulation gives way to a kind of warm glow of pleasure.

At this point you can safely assume you have “programmed” your brain to respond to penetration, so that being inside a woman will produce rather less arousal than before.

Now, it may sound simple, but the fact is, this will give you considerably greater control of your ejaculation, because you’re starting intercourse from a much lower level of arousal.

And so tips like this are really the way forward from men with premature ejaculation, they simply give the man the power to control his ejaculation — and in fact, they do more than that: they give him the power to choose when to ejaculate during intercourse.

A remarkable situation indeed!

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