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Successful manifestation

Successful Manifestation

It’s clear that if you are attempting to co-create anything in the world, or to explore the principles of manifestation, as expounded by Napoleon Hill in “Think & Grow Rich” , there are three important parameters that ought to be brought into the equation.

Perhaps the most vital is total commitment to the law of attraction. In popular language we name it firmness of purpose. This quality is a key component when you are trying to manifest anything since it clearly shows your absolute confidence in your ability to move towards your adopted outcome.

Video: Successful Manifestation

A basic truth is this: wholehearted commitment is a clear reminder to your mind and brain that you are resolute about achieving your goal, no matter what the problems may be.

And if the Oneness (another word for God) appreciates that you are sure of your aims, your spiritual connection starts to show you possibilities of how life can be – and so propel you towards your goals more simply and efficiently than you could ever imagine.

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Think and Grow Rich
The classic work on manifestation

You can understand that the part of your mind responsible for manifesting physical reality needs to have something that you could call an operating system or program in the same way as a PC; your primal manifestation power depends more or less totally on a appropriate set of operating instructions.

In manifestation, your program is always your wished-for goal. If you don’t have a clear goal, which the law of attraction can use to help you get what you want, nothing very impressive will can be expected to change – either now or in the future.

And what next? Well, experts agree you need closely held and passionate desire when you are attracting reality! This means you must feel into yourself and find a highly significant improvement in money, relationship, circumstances.

I always emphasize the essential nature of strongly held hope for what you want most in life. For sure, if you wish to manifest your reality, desire is the catalyst behind our ability to manifest. 

The mechanism by which this extremely powerful force which we call the law of attraction can create hard physical reality is as yet unexplained. Essentially, why should we seek to know what is unknown?

But most men and women expect more answers. Surely our hope lies here. That matter and energy are the same. Many of our finest minds concur – our mental energy can indirectly impact the evolution of material things.

Perhaps your reaction to this is, “it’s impossible!” I say, good for the skeptics – as long as they keep an open mind. When you see such strange claims, lack of clarity understandable as a mental attitude. Even so, we damage ourselves when we strive to reduce the likelihood of the human ability around manifestation, conscious creation, and the Laws that govern creation and conscious manifestations.

Despite the critics, the doubters, and the cynics, the more spiritual aspects of human existence – manifestation and creation – are widely accepted as natural human gifts by scientists and lay people alike.

Even though many people have tried to ridicule manifestation, most balanced people truly believe in our capacity to run our own lives truly and effectively. The next necessary element of getting what you want is expectancy.

It’s a kind of belief, but there is a subtle but important difference of meaning. This may illustrate it: you think that you might win any lottery where you have an entry ticket, but you – I would guess – don’t expect to win big, even though you are certain that some happy recipient wins a major prize every drawing.

After all, you you need to be open to receive the whatever the universe offers to you. The Great Mystery is not unpredictable and isn’t going to produce anything unless the preconditions that apply to the Laws of Attraction are matched.

In fact, issues with manifestation not working arise when a person is “operating” from a long standing and limiting mindset which may well prevent them from employing the principles of the Law of Attraction as a key part of our existence. Such challenges become instantly clear when you think of a fairly common want: to get great riches.

A lot of individuals begin with the goal of manifesting financial riches. After months picturing their bank packed with assets, they stop trying because it hasn’t worked. There’s a quite simple trick which anyone can do to examine the solidity of your belief.

What if, you desired to attain enough money to retire on? Whether you think this is a genuine possibility depends on many variables. For many people, the difficult issue is how this might occur.

By detaching from the desired outcome, you can perhaps understand that while the “hows” can be a powerful dilemma in manifestation, should you move past that mindset, it’s simple to acquire this level of wealth without even currently being able to imagine or understand how it is to be attained.

Ways To Create Objectives

Since the television broadcast of The Secret, authored by Rhonda Byrne, in 2006, there has been a useful amount of constructive discussion around manifestation.

Unsurprisingly men and women are keen to find out how they could get behind the wheel of their existence for the better. Or how they can have a more promising existence around them. Or how they really can produce – that is to say, bring into being – the people and situations that they crave.

But the fact is obtaining what you need is more problematic than it might look on your first attempt. That is not to definitely say that it’s super hard to employ the Law Of Creation, but it does necessitate you to really understand the right skills.


Lots of men apparently believe that should they come up with a suitable goal and envision it with energy and effort every morning for 20 minutes they are going to be fulfilled by it mysteriously appearing in their world.

This is a simplistic strategy doomed to fail, because they’re not displaying the emotional energy and intensity which actually causes the Law of Attraction to work in their own favor.

Now, before we move any further into what this is all about it is worth clearly pointing out that manifestation is simply the universe creating in your physical reality the things that you expect with complete acceptance and expectancy. 

The Law of Manifestation, which is also called the Law of Attraction, is the divine programming by which this happens.

How To Get The Sexual Relationship You Wish For

Some years ago Rhonda Byrne published a book called The Secret – although it actually came out as a film first, the book sold millions of copies, and led loads of people to investigate the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is something that’s fascinated people for generations, if not millennia: this is because we all have a desire to make life easy for ourselves, and getting what we want by visualizing it in the mind might seem to be the easiest way of all!

Well, I have some news for you – the law of attraction does actually work, and is a legitimate way of changing your life for the better, but it isn’t as easy to apply as people have thought, or been led to believe by people like Rhonda Byrne.

The truth here is that, to start with, getting what you want through the law of attraction, whether it be greater prosperity, financial wealth, or a better relationship (or indeed any relationship at all) depends on you being spiritually evolved enough to be able to utilize the concepts and principles behind the law of attraction.

Concepts Behind the Law of Attraction

Well the truth is that first of all they require you to be able to move into a meditative space, which is defined by the alpha wave brain rhythm. If you are an experienced meditator, and good at relaxing, you can probably do this anyway, see you’re well ahead of the game here!

Secondly, they require you to be able to visualize your desired objective in intense detail. Now many people say they can visualise, but there are an equal member who claim that they cannot. But if I ask you to think of a lemon, some image or a picture or sensation comes into your mind – that’s visualization.

So assuming that you, like the rest of us can visualize, the fact that so many people say they can’t is probably more to do with the fact that they have difficulty motivating themselves. Why should that be?

Let’s assume that you want to manifest a better relationship, and you have several conflicting notions of what that relationship might look like.

How to manifest a great relationship
Manifestation is a process you can control.

The truth is most people do not formulate clear objectives and ideals – they don’t generally know what the clearest form of their desired objective is. That’s why most people who say they can’t visualize, at least in my opinion, don’t have enough motivation to use the Law of attraction successfully.

What I mean to say is, they can’t maintain focus on any particular objective for long enough to make it intensely desirable – when it is more likely to come into their lives.

To make this clearer, consider this: when you are trying to visualize a better relationship,  or indeed any new relationship, greater prosperity, or any other objective you want to bring into your life, you need to have an absolutely clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve.

If you think of this in terms of getting where you want to go, you can see immediately that you wouldn’t set out on the road for any journey without some kind of map or satellite navigation programmed with your destination.

It’s exactly the same when you’re trying to visualize an objective and bring it to reality through manifestation by the law of attraction.

You need a very clear image of what you want, an image that is going to be sufficiently emotionally engaging for you to genuinely set out with high enough commitment to motivate you to work on it on a daily basis.

Now I know this may sound quite daunting, but you don’t get something for nothing: in a sense, the reward of being able to manifest what you want through the universal processes like manifestation is so great that there has to be a “payment” made by you.

In this case of course the payment is not financial! Rather, it’s about motivation, commitment, time for visualization and – perhaps the limiting factor for many many people – commitment to yourself.

You see, in the end, this is about your commitment to changing your life for the better, this is about your commitment to getting what you want, and indeed this is actually fundamentally about your sense of self-worth!

Do you feel worthwhile enough to believe you can have a good relationship, or will you continue to settle for nothing at all or a poor-quality relationship which is far below that which you actually deserve?

Well, it’s your decision in every way. The truth is there are plenty of websites around which will show you exactly how to use the law of attraction to get what you want, be it financial prosperity or a great relationship, or indeed anything else.

There is one which I particularly like called, which sets out to give you every piece of information you could possibly need about manifestation and the law of attraction, and really you don’t need any other resource than this, in my opinion.

So if you want to actually work on the process of manifestation yourself, find out all about it, get to the real truth behind books like The Secret, and find out what it was actually trying to tell you, in a way that’s simple and easy to understand, you should go to an expert who’s actually used the Law of Attraction over many years of his or her life.

As opposed, that is,  to finding somebody seeking to make a great deal of money out of writing about this, without perhaps the personal experience of manifestation and the law of attraction in everyday life, where using it made a real difference to their well-being.

Of course it’s possible for people to make a great deal of money by coming up with a popular book or film which purports to explain the principles of manifestation, but the truth is that there is no substitute for the reality of experience.

manifesting a better sexual relationship
Sexual happiness can be manifested just as easily as any other kind of abundance!

There is no substitute for actually having used manifestation in your life on a day-to-day basis for many years to understand how it works.

This allows one to convey the mechanism behind it to other people who might want to also use it to improve the quality of their life for the better.

And remember, there’s nothing mysterious about visualization and manifestation, because it’s actually an ability that is granted to us by virtue of our humanity; it is a fundamental part of the human condition.

Fear of Sex

For anybody who’s got a problem with sex, whatever form that takes – be it premature ejaculation in men, or erectile dysfunction, to conditions due to anxiety and anger, or lack of libido, low sex drive, anorgasmia, or dyspareunia in females –  the answer is always to plunge into your fear and explore those things that frighten you.

Now I know that’s easy to say, particularly sitting here writing on the Internet, where words of wisdom come cheap and experiences sometimes harder to determine, but I can tell you that I’ve been right there in this place myself.

I spent the first 30 years my life of terrified of sex – both before and after puberty – and I was a virgin until I was 32… And for a woman in the society, that’s to say westernized liberal society, you have to admit that’s quite an achievement, perhaps matched only by the 40-year-old virgin of legend.

As you can see, however, from this article in psychology today, being a 40-year-old virgin is not in any way shape or form an amusing experience for anybody.

Forty years ago, older virgins were considered curiosities, but by the mid-1980s, sex therapists began reporting a steady trickle of clients over age 25, about three-quarters of them men, who had never had sex with anyone other than themselves. (Many had tried sex workers, but most said that “didn’t count” because commercial sex wasn’t “real” sex, and they’d never had “real” relationships.) By the 1990s, it was clear that a surprisingly large number of people were still involuntarily virgins at age 25, but the true prevalence of older virginity remained a mystery.

That began to change with the 2009 publication of a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Using data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the researchers tracked sexual abstinence among 2,469 men and 5,120 women age 25 to 45, and found that 122 of the men (5 percent) and 104 of the women (2 percent) said they’d never had partner sex. Now some abstinence might be voluntary, Catholic priests and nuns, or others who affirmatively opt for celibacy. But it’s safe to say that most–probably the vast majority–of older virginity is involuntary. I interviewed one 47-year-old virgin man who called it “my shame, my terrible handicap.”

 The study found two significant associations with older virginity: regular attendance at religious services and abstinence from alcohol. However, in my interviews with older virgins and with the therapists who counsel them, those factors appear much less important than profound shyness, social awkwardness, and general discomfort with the opposite sex and the whole idea of physical intimacy with another person. As one told me: “I shut myself off. I can’t really explain why, except to say I was very shy. I was keenly interested in women, but they intimidated me. I had no idea how to get beyond casual friendships to anything romantic, no idea at all.”

Fortunately, there’s help for older virgins, surrogate partner therapy. In fact, today, a substantial proportion of surrogate partners’ clients are older virgin men.

Now you’ll note that one of the things that is prevalent here, or at least particularly obvious, is the social inadequacy and inexperience of people who are virgins at the age of well, let’s say 30 or upwards.

This isn’t surprising, for those of you who actually live in a state of fear will understand totally how implausible and improbable the idea of experiencing sexual relationships with another person can seem at times. Well, most of the time actually….

I’m not poking fun in any way shape or form at people who have this problem – dammit, I was there myself for a long time, and I know exactly what it’s like.

My breakthrough came by experiencing partner surrogate sex therapy, and I  recommend it to anybody who’s in the same situation as myself.

Of course, in general,  problems with sexuality like this come from the fact the intimacy and social ability – social skills, to be blunt – have never developed in the way that they should have done, often because of a repressive environment during childhood.

But that’s not really the point – the point is that for anybody in this situation, the shame and embarrassment of actually being in a community where sex is regarded as the currency of social interaction, while at the same time being unable to engage in sex, or perhaps even in intimacy, can be crippling and shameful experience.

As I said, I started my journey back to recovery by engaging in partner therapy – engaging a sex surrogate to have intercourse with me for money, but against a background of therapeutic holding and support. To experience powerful orgasms and female ejaculation (squirting) is truly a massive breakthrough for me…. until I squirted, I had no idea how powerful the female orgasm could be…

So much so, believe it or not, the I’m now fully orgasmic, and I actually orgasm during intercourse with my boyfriend, who is very skilled lover.It was, without doubt, one of the most terrifying and frightening things that I’ve ever done in my life, but it did produce a massive breakthrough in terms my ability to engage with the opposite sex, and indeed my journey back to the normal expression of my sexuality.

Considering that only 10 to 15% women actually achieve virginal orgasm during intercourse, and considering that a mere 10 years ago I was absolutely frozen at the thought of sex, this is something wonderful and well deserving of celebration – at least in my humble opinion! LOL!

By the way, as one of the advantages, or side-effects, if you prefer becoming fully orgasmic through virginal intercourse is the wonderful experience of female ejaculation. This is where fluid is injected from glands surrounding the urethra, often very forcibly, and can be a highly arousing experience for both the woman and her boyfriend or husband.

Law Of Attraction & A Better Sexual Relationship

Human ingenuity being what it is, you will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that even the processes of manifestation and the Law of Attraction have been considered as ways to get a better sexual relationship.

Yet when you think about it this is no surprise!

The truth of the matter is that manifestation is a process of visualization, essentially, by which people can choose their objectives, form a clear image of them in their minds, and then set about taking some kind of action which will bring them into reality in the physical world.

How to manifest a great relationship
Manifestation is a process you can control.

To the extent that the process of manifesting material goods or prosperity is dependent on visualization, so is the process of manifesting a different psychological or emotional state, such as happiness, gratitude. And so, for that matter, is a “psycho-emotional” state such as enjoying better sex, relaxing into the sexual experience, and enjoying your orgasms more than ever before.

I think the point here is that basically any human behaviour can be adapted or changed by addressing the behavior and psychological issues that lie behind it.

But there’s an interesting twist here, because although manifestation and the Law of Attraction do depend on visualization – as well, of course, as taking action in the world (see below for more on that!) – the very process of getting sexually aroused can in itself be one way of making manifestation happen more easily and quickly.

What a perplexing paradox!

Look at this video:

Another video by the same author.

When you watch the video above you’ll realize that sexual energy can be both the product – as in the sense that you are trying to create a sexual relationship or improve an existing sexual relationship – or a tool in the actual act of manifesting reality.

It’s a fascinating and very compelling subject, and I highly recommend that you explore it much more detail.

When all is said and done,  sexual energy – which, in my opinion, at its root means basically love, is one of the most profound and powerful energies available to the human being (which means you and me) in any form, shape, attribute or experience.

So if you’re trying to attract reality, if you’re trying to appeal to the universe to give you what you want – a process which wiser and older cultures may well have called prayer – or if you’re trying to get what you want through any form of manifestation, it may well be worth you adapting your sexual practices so that you can direct your sexual energy towards that particular outcome.

For those of us who are not sexual adepts, or who don’t want to take this view, the restraint of ejaculation (which is the general way in which sexual energy is accumulated for practices such as manifestation) is an unhealthy distraction from sexual enjoyment.

Not only that, but it is not, perhaps, very pleasing in bed, as a sexual experience! So where is the emotional fuel of manifestation going to come from?

The answer to that is that it comes from certain levels of activity in the mind, inevitably, and they represent emotional aspects of your unconscious reality.

So, for example, you may be asked by a tutor in manifestation to visualize a certain outcome, and as you do so, to imagine how it would feel to have that outcome. Obviously this is generally about gratitude, happiness, joy, expectation and other positive feelings that come with getting what you want.

(What’s generally less well appreciated is that any strong emotion can be the fuel for manifestation, including anger and rage, sadness, fear and other powerful emotions of this negative kind – although there are certain good reasons for not generally using them to manifest reality.)

The truth is that if you’re sufficiently excited about getting what you’re trying to attain through manifestation, then you may well not have any need of using negative emotions, because you can always rely on things like positivity, happiness and joy to get you what you want.

Those are powerful emotions and they will power projection out into the universe of the reality that you’re trying to create, or rather, the picture of it that you’ve summed up in your mind as the first step of your visualization.

While we’re on the subject of manifestation brought about by using the law of attraction, I’d just like to add the point that action is always necessary.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn, having lived amongst people on the face of this planet for many years, and having no doubt observed the tendencies that we all exemplify to some degree, that a lot of people imagine that if they sit on their asses on the couch all day visualizing a certain outcome, it will magically manifest for them.

Bizarrely, there is actually some truth in this – however, it’s not a generally recommended process for manifestation! What generally works better is to get out into the world, and take some action, to bring about change by making some difference to your physical reality – a change which demonstrates to the universe that you’re serious about getting what you want.

If you want to know more about the process of manifestation or the Law of Attraction there are plenty of websites which can help you get the  information and techniques you need.

The Art Of Female Ejaculation

If you want to be the hottest girl around, and a favorite with all the guys, then there’s very little more exciting for a man than a girl who’s mastered the art of female ejaculation!

Interestingly enough, a lot of women are very embarrassed by the prospect of ejaculating during sexual activity, but it turns out this is a completely normal function for a healthy woman – indeed, people like Deborah Sundahl will tell you that this is a normal aspect of female sexuality and every woman who has the ability to do so should explore the possibility of female ejaculation so that she can become a better lover.

Now cause that’s rather a hardline point of view, but there is some truth in it – I’ve always believed that the maximum amount of fulfillment about being a man or woman only comes from exploring every aspect of the fundamental nature of our sexuality – and that can be hard to do in a society that prescribes certain activities as being obscene, disgusting or otherwise taboo.

For women certainly the concept of ejaculation is associated with fear of urination, making a mess, and perhaps the rather shameful thing of being seen as a hussy or a whore in bed….. Yet of course one of the most powerful motivations for women during sexual activity is to offer pleasure to their men (which is not to discount the importance of a woman seeking pleasure for herself), and there are very few ways to do this more effectively than to master the art of female ejaculation.

Now I know this may sound controversial, but the idea that you can find ways to learn how to make a girl squirt is actually rather commonplace these days – the Internet is full of programs on female ejaculation, and the absolute enthusiasm with which men look at these is testimony to the fact they actually was really powerful and perhaps secret desire to see their women ejaculating.

ejaculaiton female-ejaculation


Even now, after several decades of research on the phenomenon of female ejaculation, there’s plenty of mystery around how it operates.

In general, it’s believed the G spot stimulation either so stimulate the nerves of the pelvic area, or stimulates prostatic type tissue  surrounding the female urethra to produce fluid which is similar in composition to that of the male prostate fluid with of course the exception of sperm.

It appears to be ejaculated forcefully at the moment of orgasm through the opening of the Skene’s glands, which have become known as the female prostate.

Nonetheless there are still mysteries about this, because it’s possible for women to ejaculate fluid by bearing down forcefully with pelvic muscles and ejaculating through the urethral opening even if they haven’t reached orgasm.

This begs the question of whether or not the ejaculation of fluid at orgasm is a conscious or unconscious act. We know, however, that the phenomenon of squirting is often merely high-pressure urination which women are enacting for the sake of pornographic films.

Genuine squirting is the forceful ejaculation of the prostatic fluid from the urethra built up over a long period of time with gentle stimulation of the G spot.

From Wikipedia:

To date most of the interest had focused on the substance and structure rather than function of the glands. A more definitive contemporary account of ejaculation appeared shortly after, in 1950, with the publication of an essay by Gräfenberg based on his observations of women during orgasm.

An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra…analogous to the male urethra, the female urethra also seems to be surrounded by erectile tissues…In the course of sexual stimulation the female urethra begins to enlarge and can be felt easily. It swells out greatly at the end of orgasm…Occasionally the production of fluids is …profuse…

If there is the opportunity to observe the orgasm of such women, one can see that large quantities of a clear transparent fluid are expelled not from the vulva, but out of the urethra in gushes. At first I thought that the bladder sphincter had become defective by the intensity of the orgasm.

Involuntary expulsion of urine is reported in sex literature. In the cases observed by us, the fluid was examined and it had no urinary character. I am inclined to believe that “urine” reported to be expelled during female orgasm is not urine, but only secretions of the intraurethral glands correlated with the erotogenic zone along the urethra in the anterior vaginal wall.

Moreover the profuse secretions coming out with the orgasm have no lubricating significance, otherwise they would be produced at the beginning of intercourse and not at the peak of orgasm.

From Deborah Sundahl.

Years ago, men’s and women’s sexual responses were thought to be very different: men ejaculate, women don’t; women have multiple orgasms, men don’t. So, if a man was making love to a woman and all of a sudden, there was a big gush of liquid, she was often chastised for pissing in bed.

Men turned off to ejaculate because of its association with urine, and women suppressed their natural ability to ejaculate because of this attitude.Women need encouragement to ejaculate, and that means an attitude adjustment about our body’s fluids. The prevailing attitude we learned is urine, sweat and cum is dirty and unhealthy, and western religion has taught that women’s sexuality is unclean….. The body is an incredible chemical organism and its beautiful physical form venerated in art. It’s fluids, by extension, are beautiful and healthful. The eastern spiritual religion of Tantra views women’s bodies as temples. In fact, female ejaculate is considered a prize health tonic when rubbed into the body or drunk, invigorating and uplifting her male partner.

Can You Really Expect To Get What You Want In A Relationship?

A lot of people settle for a relationship that is less good than they really hope to achieve.

And of course one reason for this must be the fact that their self-esteem is not high enough to allow the expectations of pleasure and gratification that a relationship of the highest quality could give them.

But another reason is more interesting, perhaps more important when it comes to the formation of human romantic relationships: simply that people don’t expect to meet somebody who is suitable for them.

Now if you’ve studied any kind of manifestation program like The Secret, you will know that there’s been plenty written on the Internet in recent years about how to get what you want by using the power of your mind: generally through visualization and imagination and goalsetting.

Now having said all of that, there has been a lot of scornful criticism of things like The Secret, generally from people who are skeptics because they tried the systems in question and they have managed to make them work.

And in fact that’s not actually too surprising because manifestation and using the Law Of Attraction to get what you want in life, whether it’s how to be successful, how to be financially wealthy, how to be in an ideal relationship, is actually quite difficult.

Now I would be one of the first people to defend the process manifestation because I used it many years ago to get into a wonderful romantic relationship is now in its 14th year.

My visualization consisted of imagining a blonde woman, attractive, loving, and sexually exciting, and behaving as though I was already in relationship – which basically means in practical terms, having a very strong and powerful belief that actually I already had a partner: she just hadn’t manifested on the physical plane yet!

Later that year, after spending three months visualizing this fervently every afternoon – and believe me, it really was my heart’s desire – I went on holiday to a Greek island, where I met on the first morning of my holiday a woman who was wearing exactly the same crystal on a necklace around her neck as I had imagined in my visualization.

Not only that, but she was actually also the spitting image of the woman who had come to me in a vision during one of my meditations.

The reason I think this worked very well for me was because my desire was intense, my belief was total, and my expectation – above all, my expectation – was absolute.

Usually when people talk about manifestation, they talk about a formula which goes something like intense desire plus complete belief plus total expectation leads to manifestation. And I agree with that – I’ve experienced it enough times in my own life to know that it’s true… But there is one thing missing the people generally forget.

And that is action: to take action in the world is the key element in many ways of any manifestation: to take action demonstrates to the universe that you’re ready to commit yourself to a pathway which will hopefully end in you getting what you want.

The actions don’t even have to be bigger actions – they simply have to be some demonstration to the universe of your commitment to the course that you have outlined for yourself.

If you like, this is a form of prayer; although I prefer to tend to think of it as a way of letting the universe know what I want, and asking for it to be provided to me. You’ll recall that the Bible says something similar about the man or woman who believes absolutely shall get what they pray for. Well, the Bible didn’t mention action, but it certainly should have done… Without action there can be no manifestation.

Another thing that people don’t understand is that the universe sometimes gives them something different to what they were visualizing. Here too, I can tell you that I’ve experienced this effect, and it’s unnerved in unsettled me, because I’ve often found that what I’ve got may look like what I want, but turned out to be something so different in the long run that it’s hard to understand why it ever came my way.

How to use the Law Of Attraction to get a great relationship.
How to use the Law Of Attraction to get a great relationship.

I think the answer to this is that the universe can sometimes take the opportunity to teach you something that you desperately need to know the sake of your own self-development – in other words, the universe does have some discernment in providing what you ask for, or something different that will give you the essence of a different pathway, a true pathway that really will take you to your heartfelt goal.

None of these concepts are simple of course, because if they were we would be manifesting left right and centre, there would be no poverty in a world plenty, we’d all be in relationships with ample money and financial wealth to enjoy plenty of our abundant leisure time!

So it’s useful to look at a website which explains all of these ideas in more detail, and I found one that I think is both modern and up-to-date, while retaining the values of the writers about manifestation from decades or even centuries ago, who first expounded the principles of getting what you want.

You can click here to read about how to manifest your desires, and I hope that that brings you the relationship you truly wish for, with happiness, fulfillment and plenty of abundant love.

How to manifest a great relationship
Abundant love can be yours.




Try the Adonis Golden Ratio

Now, to reiterate what I’ve already said, the Adonis Golden Ratio is a fantastic weight loss program for men.

As well as giving you a great body and extra confidence, it can increase your life expectancy and health, because obesity has been demonstrated to shorten life expectancy many times in scientific research studies.

And in addition, the Adonis golden ratio has the capacity to make you more attractive to women.

It is highly desirable to believe that when we select a partner for a long-term relationship, The other factors that matter are personality, emotional intimacy, and good communication. But the truth of the matter is that the main factor is physical appearance — it’s what brings people together in the first place, and it’s often what keeps them together when they have established a relationship.

This is particularly true for men, although the fact of the matter is that women are also attracted to men on the basis of their looks — scientific research has demonstrated that women do eye up men’s appearance in the same way that women are eyes up by men!

So the Adonis Golden Ratio has the capacity to put you to the forefront of the queue when it comes to  finding a mate amongst the most attractive women in the room.

With health benefits, greater attractiveness to women, and greater fitness, you might wonder if there were any other benefits that the Adonis golden ratio could possibly imbue you with.

The answer, of course, is yes: it can make you look like Adonis! If you take a look at the photographs below you will see how these men change their bodies from before and after using The Adonis Golden Ratio Weight Loss and Fitness program for men.

Before and after using Adonis beforeafter2

These are truly remarkable results, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that you can see why the before picture is considerably less attractive than the after picture.

It’s not just about body shape and musculature, it’s about everything that is implied by appearance — self respect, willingness to engage in a challenging process, self motivation, and perhaps also one’s willingness to make oneself more attractive to women.

There’s no question that women find men who have taken the trouble to exercise more attractive, because they would see them as men who have determination, motivation, self-respect and self-confidence.

 But there’s another aspect to this which we shouldn’t forget — that men who are fit, who have aerobic fitness, who take the time and trouble to do a little bit of exercise in the gym, are probably better lovers.

Now I’m not saying that to be a Casanova you have to be superfit, with muscles all over your body!

What I am saying is that there’s no question that aerobic fitness allows you to sustain vigorous sexual intercourse for longer, which gives you the opportunity to take a woman to orgasm.

And feeling fit and not having excess weight means that you’re more likely to sustain an erection for as long as it takes to satisfy a woman.

These are advantages which are inescapable, and proven by science.

If you feel that you want the advantages of being fit and healthy, and attractive lover, and possibly getting into a relationship with a woman who, frankly, is more attractive than you might otherwise achieve, then the Adonis Golden Ratio is probably ideal for your situation.

If you are with woman who is also keen and enthusiastic about exercise, getting fit, building a better body, then you might want to introduce you to the counterpart of the Adonis golden ratio, also written by John Barban.

It’s called the Venus Factor For Women, and, Like the Adonis Golden Ratio, it consists of personalized nutrition plans, personalized exercise regimes, and personalized advice provided by a community of like-minded men and women, and experts on hand 24 / 7 by e-mail.

It’s rare to find such good service from an Internet program, but in the case of the Venus Factor and Adonis Golden Ratio, John Barban has put together an entire package which is devoted to serving men and women who are interested in self-improvement.

It comes highly recommended, not just because of the facilities that it offers, but also because of the fact that it provides a 24 hour helpline and a 60 day money back guarantee which should enable you to obtain a complete refund without any quibble, should you be dissatisfied.

Remember the observation that one of the major problems that men face as they get older is the loss of sexual capacity and a reduction in their sexual prowess; in particular they find it more difficult to sustain erections.

To be a greta lover you need a diet low in fat and an exercise program to keep you fit
To be a good lover you need to be fit

One of the reasons for this is the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries, so my suggestion to you is that no matter how old you are, you immediately start eating a diet that contains much lower levels of fat, especially saturated fat, in order to preserve your erectile capacity into old age.

It hardly needs to be said, that if you are fit and healthy, you stand a better chance of living longer too.