The Pleasure of The Female Orgasm

How To Enjoy Easy Female Orgasm

What a lot of men need is a way of making a woman come easily during intercourse. Let’s face it, the facts speak for themselves: about 10% of women have never had an orgasm and only 15% regularly reach orgasm during intercourse…

woman having an orgasm man making a woman come

And the odd thing about this is that most men actually enjoy sex far more when the woman they’re with is highly aroused and having a good time… in other words, when she’s reaching orgasm.

If she comes during sex, there’s nothing to match feeling her throbbing and pulsing around you as waves of bliss sweep over her.

And if a woman has already come before intercourse starts, her vagina is much more swollen, warm, and wet, and the sensations of sex are much more intense for you.  And when she’s aroused like that, a woman enters into sex with passion, and the man enjoys a far more intense sexual experience as well…

So why aren’t men taking more time and effort to make sure that their female partners get sexual pleasure before, during or even after intercourse?

The answer seems to be that some men don’t understand how important it is to ensure a woman’s aroused before intercourse starts.

Other men just doesn’t seem to know how to give a woman pleasure during sexual intercourse, or even during foreplay.

Let’s face it guys, a perfunctory fumble with the breasts, and a quick lick of the clit just doesn’t do it!

If you’re actually going to make a woman come, you need to know how to do it skilfully, elegantly and enjoyably.

woman enjoying an orgasm

Since there’s nothing more exciting than sex with a woman who’s already got off and is eager for you to enter her and give her even more pleasure, it’s worth your while to learn the skills of giving a woman an orgasm…. of discovering how to make a woman come as powerfully as she can.

With your help, the sky’s the limit for the female orgasm.

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