Law Of Attraction & A Better Sexual Relationship

Human ingenuity being what it is, you will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that even the processes of manifestation and the Law of Attraction have been considered as ways to get a better sexual relationship.

Yet when you think about it this is no surprise!

The truth of the matter is that manifestation is a process of visualization, essentially, by which people can choose their objectives, form a clear image of them in their minds, and then set about taking some kind of action which will bring them into reality in the physical world.

How to manifest a great relationship
Manifestation is a process you can control.

To the extent that the process of manifesting material goods or prosperity is dependent on visualization, so is the process of manifesting a different psychological or emotional state, such as happiness, gratitude. And so, for that matter, is a “psycho-emotional” state such as enjoying better sex, relaxing into the sexual experience, and enjoying your orgasms more than ever before.

I think the point here is that basically any human behaviour can be adapted or changed by addressing the behavior and psychological issues that lie behind it.

But there’s an interesting twist here, because although manifestation and the Law of Attraction do depend on visualization – as well, of course, as taking action in the world (see below for more on that!) – the very process of getting sexually aroused can in itself be one way of making manifestation happen more easily and quickly.

What a perplexing paradox!

Look at this video:

Another video by the same author.

When you watch the video above you’ll realize that sexual energy can be both the product – as in the sense that you are trying to create a sexual relationship or improve an existing sexual relationship – or a tool in the actual act of manifesting reality.

It’s a fascinating and very compelling subject, and I highly recommend that you explore it much more detail.

When all is said and done,  sexual energy – which, in my opinion, at its root means basically love, is one of the most profound and powerful energies available to the human being (which means you and me) in any form, shape, attribute or experience.

So if you’re trying to attract reality, if you’re trying to appeal to the universe to give you what you want – a process which wiser and older cultures may well have called prayer – or if you’re trying to get what you want through any form of manifestation, it may well be worth you adapting your sexual practices so that you can direct your sexual energy towards that particular outcome.

For those of us who are not sexual adepts, or who don’t want to take this view, the restraint of ejaculation (which is the general way in which sexual energy is accumulated for practices such as manifestation) is an unhealthy distraction from sexual enjoyment.

Not only that, but it is not, perhaps, very pleasing in bed, as a sexual experience! So where is the emotional fuel of manifestation going to come from?

The answer to that is that it comes from certain levels of activity in the mind, inevitably, and they represent emotional aspects of your unconscious reality.

So, for example, you may be asked by a tutor in manifestation to visualize a certain outcome, and as you do so, to imagine how it would feel to have that outcome. Obviously this is generally about gratitude, happiness, joy, expectation and other positive feelings that come with getting what you want.

(What’s generally less well appreciated is that any strong emotion can be the fuel for manifestation, including anger and rage, sadness, fear and other powerful emotions of this negative kind – although there are certain good reasons for not generally using them to manifest reality.)

The truth is that if you’re sufficiently excited about getting what you’re trying to attain through manifestation, then you may well not have any need of using negative emotions, because you can always rely on things like positivity, happiness and joy to get you what you want.

Those are powerful emotions and they will power projection out into the universe of the reality that you’re trying to create, or rather, the picture of it that you’ve summed up in your mind as the first step of your visualization.

While we’re on the subject of manifestation brought about by using the law of attraction, I’d just like to add the point that action is always necessary.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn, having lived amongst people on the face of this planet for many years, and having no doubt observed the tendencies that we all exemplify to some degree, that a lot of people imagine that if they sit on their asses on the couch all day visualizing a certain outcome, it will magically manifest for them.

Bizarrely, there is actually some truth in this – however, it’s not a generally recommended process for manifestation! What generally works better is to get out into the world, and take some action, to bring about change by making some difference to your physical reality – a change which demonstrates to the universe that you’re serious about getting what you want.

If you want to know more about the process of manifestation or the Law of Attraction there are plenty of websites which can help you get the  information and techniques you need.