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Why women go off sex!

7. Is it possible to find cultures that clearly differ in the degree to which women manufacture vaginal versus clitoral stimulation and in which men are taught how to make a woman come?

Do they place contrasting amounts of emphasis on how much a girl is really an individual who should be in charge of her own body? Does this reflect whether she has made her climax represent ownership of her sexuality?

8. Much more has to be learned about whether clitoral-vaginal preferences are modified by sexual experience and which a woman prefers to enjoy when a man is trying to make a woman come in intercourse or foreplay.

Is there a shift toward greater vaginal preference in the average relationship as a woman has an increasing amount of experience with vaginal stimulation?

9. Another penetrating question (LOL – pun not intended – but just how does a man learn how to make a woman come?)  is whether the average woman has observed her clitoral-vaginal preference to change with different sex partners.

Can one man make any woman come while another leaves her unable to orgasm? That is, does a woman find that she is quite responsive to vaginal stimulation with one man and unresponsive with another?

If so, what attributes characterize one partner as capable of producing female orgasm while another is not?

The Coital Alignment Technique

Is a way of improving intercourse for women. You can read about it if you click here. Much more information is available on that website about the coital alignment technique. 

Do men differ in their attitudes about the role of men in sex, how much men should have to do to make a woman come, how much they should have to know about knowing how to make a woman come, and how much they think a woman should achieve her own orgasm.

We need to know more about the conditions under which the coital alignment technique works.

One wonders whether low or high sexual responsiveness shows up consistently in families over several generations, because of the culture of how men might or might not regard making a woman come as important, and what kinds of sensations and experiences does a woman selectively highlight in order to make intercourse satisfying?

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