The Art Of Female Ejaculation

If you want to be the hottest girl around, and a favorite with all the guys, then there’s very little more exciting for a man than a girl who’s mastered the art of female ejaculation!

Interestingly enough, a lot of women are very embarrassed by the prospect of ejaculating during sexual activity, but it turns out this is a completely normal function for a healthy woman – indeed, people like Deborah Sundahl will tell you that this is a normal aspect of female sexuality and every woman who has the ability to do so should explore the possibility of female ejaculation so that she can become a better lover.

Now cause that’s rather a hardline point of view, but there is some truth in it – I’ve always believed that the maximum amount of fulfillment about being a man or woman only comes from exploring every aspect of the fundamental nature of our sexuality – and that can be hard to do in a society that prescribes certain activities as being obscene, disgusting or otherwise taboo.

For women certainly the concept of ejaculation is associated with fear of urination, making a mess, and perhaps the rather shameful thing of being seen as a hussy or a whore in bed….. Yet of course one of the most powerful motivations for women during sexual activity is to offer pleasure to their men (which is not to discount the importance of a woman seeking pleasure for herself), and there are very few ways to do this more effectively than to master the art of female ejaculation.

Now I know this may sound controversial, but the idea that you can find ways to learn how to make a girl squirt is actually rather commonplace these days – the Internet is full of programs on female ejaculation, and the absolute enthusiasm with which men look at these is testimony to the fact they actually was really powerful and perhaps secret desire to see their women ejaculating.

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Even now, after several decades of research on the phenomenon of female ejaculation, there’s plenty of mystery around how it operates.

In general, it’s believed the G spot stimulation either so stimulate the nerves of the pelvic area, or stimulates prostatic type tissue  surrounding the female urethra to produce fluid which is similar in composition to that of the male prostate fluid with of course the exception of sperm.

It appears to be ejaculated forcefully at the moment of orgasm through the opening of the Skene’s glands, which have become known as the female prostate.

Nonetheless there are still mysteries about this, because it’s possible for women to ejaculate fluid by bearing down forcefully with pelvic muscles and ejaculating through the urethral opening even if they haven’t reached orgasm.

This begs the question of whether or not the ejaculation of fluid at orgasm is a conscious or unconscious act. We know, however, that the phenomenon of squirting is often merely high-pressure urination which women are enacting for the sake of pornographic films.

Genuine squirting is the forceful ejaculation of the prostatic fluid from the urethra built up over a long period of time with gentle stimulation of the G spot.

From Wikipedia:

To date most of the interest had focused on the substance and structure rather than function of the glands. A more definitive contemporary account of ejaculation appeared shortly after, in 1950, with the publication of an essay by Gräfenberg based on his observations of women during orgasm.

An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra…analogous to the male urethra, the female urethra also seems to be surrounded by erectile tissues…In the course of sexual stimulation the female urethra begins to enlarge and can be felt easily. It swells out greatly at the end of orgasm…Occasionally the production of fluids is …profuse…

If there is the opportunity to observe the orgasm of such women, one can see that large quantities of a clear transparent fluid are expelled not from the vulva, but out of the urethra in gushes. At first I thought that the bladder sphincter had become defective by the intensity of the orgasm.

Involuntary expulsion of urine is reported in sex literature. In the cases observed by us, the fluid was examined and it had no urinary character. I am inclined to believe that “urine” reported to be expelled during female orgasm is not urine, but only secretions of the intraurethral glands correlated with the erotogenic zone along the urethra in the anterior vaginal wall.

Moreover the profuse secretions coming out with the orgasm have no lubricating significance, otherwise they would be produced at the beginning of intercourse and not at the peak of orgasm.

From Deborah Sundahl.

Years ago, men’s and women’s sexual responses were thought to be very different: men ejaculate, women don’t; women have multiple orgasms, men don’t. So, if a man was making love to a woman and all of a sudden, there was a big gush of liquid, she was often chastised for pissing in bed.

Men turned off to ejaculate because of its association with urine, and women suppressed their natural ability to ejaculate because of this attitude.Women need encouragement to ejaculate, and that means an attitude adjustment about our body’s fluids. The prevailing attitude we learned is urine, sweat and cum is dirty and unhealthy, and western religion has taught that women’s sexuality is unclean….. The body is an incredible chemical organism and its beautiful physical form venerated in art. It’s fluids, by extension, are beautiful and healthful. The eastern spiritual religion of Tantra views women’s bodies as temples. In fact, female ejaculate is considered a prize health tonic when rubbed into the body or drunk, invigorating and uplifting her male partner.