Try the Adonis Golden Ratio

Now, to reiterate what I’ve already said, the Adonis Golden Ratio is a fantastic weight loss program for men.

As well as giving you a great body and extra confidence, it can increase your life expectancy and health, because obesity has been demonstrated to shorten life expectancy many times in scientific research studies.

And in addition, the Adonis golden ratio has the capacity to make you more attractive to women.

It is highly desirable to believe that when we select a partner for a long-term relationship, The other factors that matter are personality, emotional intimacy, and good communication. But the truth of the matter is that the main factor is physical appearance — it’s what brings people together in the first place, and it’s often what keeps them together when they have established a relationship.

This is particularly true for men, although the fact of the matter is that women are also attracted to men on the basis of their looks — scientific research has demonstrated that women do eye up men’s appearance in the same way that women are eyes up by men!

So the Adonis Golden Ratio has the capacity to put you to the forefront of the queue when it comes to  finding a mate amongst the most attractive women in the room.

With health benefits, greater attractiveness to women, and greater fitness, you might wonder if there were any other benefits that the Adonis golden ratio could possibly imbue you with.

The answer, of course, is yes: it can make you look like Adonis! If you take a look at the photographs below you will see how these men change their bodies from before and after using The Adonis Golden Ratio Weight Loss and Fitness program for men.

Before and after using Adonis beforeafter2

These are truly remarkable results, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that you can see why the before picture is considerably less attractive than the after picture.

It’s not just about body shape and musculature, it’s about everything that is implied by appearance — self respect, willingness to engage in a challenging process, self motivation, and perhaps also one’s willingness to make oneself more attractive to women.

There’s no question that women find men who have taken the trouble to exercise more attractive, because they would see them as men who have determination, motivation, self-respect and self-confidence.

 But there’s another aspect to this which we shouldn’t forget — that men who are fit, who have aerobic fitness, who take the time and trouble to do a little bit of exercise in the gym, are probably better lovers.

Now I’m not saying that to be a Casanova you have to be superfit, with muscles all over your body!

What I am saying is that there’s no question that aerobic fitness allows you to sustain vigorous sexual intercourse for longer, which gives you the opportunity to take a woman to orgasm.

And feeling fit and not having excess weight means that you’re more likely to sustain an erection for as long as it takes to satisfy a woman.

These are advantages which are inescapable, and proven by science.

If you feel that you want the advantages of being fit and healthy, and attractive lover, and possibly getting into a relationship with a woman who, frankly, is more attractive than you might otherwise achieve, then the Adonis Golden Ratio is probably ideal for your situation.

If you are with woman who is also keen and enthusiastic about exercise, getting fit, building a better body, then you might want to introduce you to the counterpart of the Adonis golden ratio, also written by John Barban.

It’s called the Venus Factor For Women, and, Like the Adonis Golden Ratio, it consists of personalized nutrition plans, personalized exercise regimes, and personalized advice provided by a community of like-minded men and women, and experts on hand 24 / 7 by e-mail.

It’s rare to find such good service from an Internet program, but in the case of the Venus Factor and Adonis Golden Ratio, John Barban has put together an entire package which is devoted to serving men and women who are interested in self-improvement.

It comes highly recommended, not just because of the facilities that it offers, but also because of the fact that it provides a 24 hour helpline and a 60 day money back guarantee which should enable you to obtain a complete refund without any quibble, should you be dissatisfied.

Remember the observation that one of the major problems that men face as they get older is the loss of sexual capacity and a reduction in their sexual prowess; in particular they find it more difficult to sustain erections.

To be a greta lover you need a diet low in fat and an exercise program to keep you fit
To be a good lover you need to be fit

One of the reasons for this is the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries, so my suggestion to you is that no matter how old you are, you immediately start eating a diet that contains much lower levels of fat, especially saturated fat, in order to preserve your erectile capacity into old age.

It hardly needs to be said, that if you are fit and healthy, you stand a better chance of living longer too.