Can You Really Expect To Get What You Want In A Relationship?

A lot of people settle for a relationship that is less good than they really hope to achieve.

And of course one reason for this must be the fact that their self-esteem is not high enough to allow the expectations of pleasure and gratification that a relationship of the highest quality could give them.

But another reason is more interesting, perhaps more important when it comes to the formation of human romantic relationships: simply that people don’t expect to meet somebody who is suitable for them.

Now if you’ve studied any kind of manifestation program like The Secret, you will know that there’s been plenty written on the Internet in recent years about how to get what you want by using the power of your mind: generally through visualization and imagination and goalsetting.

Now having said all of that, there has been a lot of scornful criticism of things like The Secret, generally from people who are skeptics because they tried the systems in question and they have managed to make them work.

And in fact that’s not actually too surprising because manifestation and using the Law Of Attraction to get what you want in life, whether it’s how to be successful, how to be financially wealthy, how to be in an ideal relationship, is actually quite difficult.

Now I would be one of the first people to defend the process manifestation because I used it many years ago to get into a wonderful romantic relationship is now in its 14th year.

My visualization consisted of imagining a blonde woman, attractive, loving, and sexually exciting, and behaving as though I was already in relationship – which basically means in practical terms, having a very strong and powerful belief that actually I already had a partner: she just hadn’t manifested on the physical plane yet!

Later that year, after spending three months visualizing this fervently every afternoon – and believe me, it really was my heart’s desire – I went on holiday to a Greek island, where I met on the first morning of my holiday a woman who was wearing exactly the same crystal on a necklace around her neck as I had imagined in my visualization.

Not only that, but she was actually also the spitting image of the woman who had come to me in a vision during one of my meditations.

The reason I think this worked very well for me was because my desire was intense, my belief was total, and my expectation – above all, my expectation – was absolute.

Usually when people talk about manifestation, they talk about a formula which goes something like intense desire plus complete belief plus total expectation leads to manifestation. And I agree with that – I’ve experienced it enough times in my own life to know that it’s true… But there is one thing missing the people generally forget.

And that is action: to take action in the world is the key element in many ways of any manifestation: to take action demonstrates to the universe that you’re ready to commit yourself to a pathway which will hopefully end in you getting what you want.

The actions don’t even have to be bigger actions – they simply have to be some demonstration to the universe of your commitment to the course that you have outlined for yourself.

If you like, this is a form of prayer; although I prefer to tend to think of it as a way of letting the universe know what I want, and asking for it to be provided to me. You’ll recall that the Bible says something similar about the man or woman who believes absolutely shall get what they pray for. Well, the Bible didn’t mention action, but it certainly should have done… Without action there can be no manifestation.

Another thing that people don’t understand is that the universe sometimes gives them something different to what they were visualizing. Here too, I can tell you that I’ve experienced this effect, and it’s unnerved in unsettled me, because I’ve often found that what I’ve got may look like what I want, but turned out to be something so different in the long run that it’s hard to understand why it ever came my way.

How to use the Law Of Attraction to get a great relationship.
How to use the Law Of Attraction to get a great relationship.

I think the answer to this is that the universe can sometimes take the opportunity to teach you something that you desperately need to know the sake of your own self-development – in other words, the universe does have some discernment in providing what you ask for, or something different that will give you the essence of a different pathway, a true pathway that really will take you to your heartfelt goal.

None of these concepts are simple of course, because if they were we would be manifesting left right and centre, there would be no poverty in a world plenty, we’d all be in relationships with ample money and financial wealth to enjoy plenty of our abundant leisure time!

So it’s useful to look at a website which explains all of these ideas in more detail, and I found one that I think is both modern and up-to-date, while retaining the values of the writers about manifestation from decades or even centuries ago, who first expounded the principles of getting what you want.

You can click here to read about how to manifest your desires, and I hope that that brings you the relationship you truly wish for, with happiness, fulfillment and plenty of abundant love.

How to manifest a great relationship
Abundant love can be yours.